Daftar Kalori Buah-Buahan

  • Rujak buah (250g)– kalori 414, carb 51g
  • Buah citrus (120g)-kalori 51.63, carb 11.61g
  • Kacang botol (200g)-kalori787.3, carb 76g
  • Kcang soya (170g) –kalori 279.88,carb 17g
  • Almond mentah (1 cup,50g) – kalori 308.3,carb 10.6g
  • Red chili pepper (1/4 cup,50g)-kalori 19.86,carb 3.7g
  • Prune (1bj,8.4g)-kalori 20,carb 5.4g
  • Lemon (1bj,50g)-kalori 32,carb 12g
  • Limau nipis (1bj) –kalori 16,carb 7g
  • Kismis (40g)-kalori 100,carb 26g
  • Black current –1/4cup,50g)-kalori 26.2,carb 7g
  • Red current(1/2,100g)-kalori 45.12,carb 9.7g
  • Buah nona (1bj) –kalori 134,carb 0g
  • Blueberry (1cup)-kalori 72,carb 21g
  • Rasberry (10bj) –kalori 6.1,carb 2.3g
  • Kedondong (1bj)-kalori 68, carb 22g
  • Gajus (1/4cup,50g)-kalori 203.8,carb 11.2g
  • Buah pala(1sudu)-kalori 32.14,carb 3.5g
  • Ciku (1bj)-kalori 145.1,carb 34g
  • Honeydew(1/2cup)-kalori 36.5,carb 9.2g
  • Strawbery (8bj)-kalori 36,carb 11g
  • Langsat (10bj)-kalori 28,carb 7g
  • Dragon fruit(1bj)-kalori 53.5,carb 9g
  • Buah delima (1bj) –kalori 112.24,carb 26.44g
  • Tembikai (1cup)-kalori 44,carb 11g
  • Nangka (4bj)-kalori 92.7,carb 0g
  • Blackbery (1cup)-kalori 37.3,carb 13.8g
  • Nenas (1bj)-kalori 229,carb 60g
  • Tomato (1bj)-kalori 19.2,carb 5g
  • Betik (1bj)-kalori 135.7,carb 37.3g
  • Jambu(1bj)-kalori 30.5,carb 10.7g
  • Belimbing (1bj)-kalori 32,carb 10g
  • Grape (30bj)-kalori 108.6,carb 27g
  • Longan (20bj)-kalori 64.94,carb 15.8g
  • Durian (1pc)- kalori 59.8,carb 13g
  • Rambutan(1bj)-kalori 8,carb 1.9g
  • Laici (8bj)-kalori 65.28,carb 16.53g
  • Manggis (1bj)-kalori 49.8, carb 15.6g
  • Mangga (1bj)-kalori 112.76,carb 28.1g
  • Kurma (4bj)-kalori 112,carb 31g
  • Oren (1bj)-kalori 41.25,carb 11.54g
  • Kiwi(1bj)-kalori 46.5,carb 12g
  • Plum (1bj)-kalori 30.2,carb 7.5g
  • Aprikot (1bj)-kalori 15.98,carb 3.98g
  • Ceri(1bj)-kalori 2.4,carb 0.7g
  • Pear(1bj)-kalori 97,carb 25g
  • Peach(1bj)-kalori 64.46,carb 16.22g
  • Pisang(1bj)kalori 112,carb 30g
  • Sukun (1cup)-kalori 211.7g,carb 0.1g
  • Apple (1bj)-kalori 120,carb 34g
  • Avocado(1/5bj)-kalori 52.5,carb 3g

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