Install Ulang Delphi 7

  1. Install, delphi, seperti biasa.
  2. Jalankan delphi untuk pertama kalinya, untuk memancing creating registry.
  3. Install INDY 10 dari : G:\D\My\Source\DELPHI\DELPHI7\Indy10\ :
    • Remove package bawaan indy (indy 9):
    • Hapus semua file id*.dcu: c:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi7\Lib\
    • Hapus semua file id*.dcu : c:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi7\Lib\Debug\
    • Hapus semua file di : c:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi7\Source\Indy\
    • JANGAN HAPUS file: IndyCore70.bpl, IndyProtocols70.bpl, IndySystem70.bpl di : C:\Windows\System32
    • Install indy10 dari G:\D\My\Source\DELPHI\DELPHI7\Indy10\ :
  4. Install ABSOLUTE: D:\My\Source\DELPHI\Absolute.Database.Component.for.Delphi7.v4.88.Single-User.Edit.Incl.SourceCode\
  5. Install DEV-EXPRESS.. Semuanya….
  6. Install TNT dari : G:\D\My\Source\DELPHI\TNT\Delphi\Pkg\
  7. Install TURBO POWER LOCK: G:\D\My\Source\DELPHI\TurboPowerLockBox\packages\
  8. Install ZIPFORGE: G:\D\My\Source\DELPHI\ZipForge\install.exe
  10. Eksekusi registry file: G:\D\My\Source\DELPHI\DELPHI7\DISC1\Reg20110206.reg
  11. Copy-kan folder: D:\MY\DELPHI
  12. Copy-khan file modified: “dbxconnections.ini” dan “Dbxdrivers.ini” ke folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Borland Shared\DBExpress.
  13. Jalankan UpdateMyLib.bat di ..DELPHI\MY-DPR\MyLibSource
  14. Agar help system delphi berjalan di windows 7, Install WinHlp32 from

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